In the moment

Super cute and adorable is this guy… omg. I feel him even though we haven’t seen each other for a while. It’s very cutesy and enjoyable.

Normal doubts

I like Emron, especially in a romantic sense. We’ve been dating for maybe about a month. He makes me feel happy. Although, every now and then, I ask the scary question in my head about loss and doubt. Even though I don’t want to, I imagine myself losing him which is something I would rather not happen. I am hoping that as I get to know him more, that it could be us. He’s my sunshine.

About Him

I can’t stop thinking about him. Whatever I do, may it be washing dishes, I think about Emron and what we did and what he was like. I like him a lot. I’m getting to know him more. I’m spending more of my time with him what he has to say and the things we have in common and things we don’t have in common. I can’t help but smile all the time when I’m around him, my face starts to hurt. He wanted to have lunch with me during one of our work days when I had to work clinic around his area. That was so sweet of him to do. I’m learning about his values, morals, and things he likes and dislikes to do. He’s quite charming and was nice to one of the waitresses who I could tell was started to get swooned by him as he took the time to have conversation with her. He means well and I can’t wait to give him more sweet kisses the next time we meet.

Casually Romantic

I met Emron yesterday in person after chatting the morning of, we played tennis around 10:40AM. We chatted and got to know each other more while playing tennis. After rallying and playing a game afterwards, we followed where music came from in the park. We discovered there was a rock band of high school teens performing and they were extremely good and impressive. There was this girl with great showmanship and a little boy with a dramatic fro and sun glasses playing the guitar, they played so professionally hahaha. Of course, we enjoyed the music, the sun, and ourselves. We then drove to Fremont to eat at this local vegan venue in his Delorean with the doors rising up to open. During the drive, so many people give his car attention, giving him a thumbs up, asking him questions, and even having a picture taken with her in the driver’s seat! So we had two vegan pizzas and a cookie. It was satisfying. We make our way back to Emron’s car and I see a familiar looking couple about to cross the street. I exlaimed, “Is that Dr. Shen?” She turns around and it is her!!! Oh my gosh!!! It was such a nice surprise. We hugged and her husband and introduced them to Emron. Hahaha She is so kewl hahahaha, cannot get over it! And so we make our way back to his car and go to Gas Works then Golden Gardens then Green Lake Park and a Pho restaurant.

Memory notes (circa 4/6/14)

Hippocampus is the center of judgment weather something is useful or irrelevant, if useful sends it to other parts of the brain for storage; the cortex. Kind of like a librarian and managing what is junk and what are valuable books to keep in the library. 

A Financial Advisor

There was this financial advisor I took back in clinic. He works up stairs. He bragged about growing client’s portfolio 14% annually. Yea, yea, I know how you make money, man. I’ll stick to my ETFs.

Vet and a Biochemist

I had a 30 year old patient who was a vet, apparently we use the same eye drops – properacaine for dropping and the familiar use of tonopen, except it’s being done on her. She’s a general practitioner for pets, told me that she refers them out for cataract surgeries and glaucoma etc. So after I walk out of the room and take back the next patient, this 28 year old girl who is a biochemist in UW (who in most cases says she’s a scientist for simplification) and she studies the brain and basically tries to solve the mystery of diabetes. She harvests lab mice and uses them for the sake of science. But she says it is not in vain, it saves many people’s lives. I told her how hilarious it was that she’s telling me this when a patiet I previously took back was a vet. She was super cool, she’ from the east coast. She shares the same things I observed with the pacific northwest. Anyways, super awesome ladies… back to back.

Wisdom from a former professor and self-employed lawyer

He advised, as a 63 year old former professor and self-employed lawyer, that new lawyers are mostly left not making much money and that people in the field are not wanting to be partners as much as they used to as before. He mentioned that he has a cousin who is a partner at Perkins and Coie in the aviary department. He says law schools are just churning more and more lawyers and they are getting replaced by technology and not a lot of people need their service.

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