Weekend Jam 6


Weekend Jam 4

I come home full of energy, wearing my headband on and dancing and jamming to this music while my wine rests safely on my table.

Weekend Jam 3

After listening to the previous song, this then came up. I’m like whattt…. this is so cool hahaha. You definitely can’t take life too seriously when you take a break and watch these videos.  Mmm =]

Weekend Jam 1

Ah! My first pick and my favorite song this weekend. The singer’s voice is enjoyable and the song is amazing with a full array of instruments playing 🙂 Ah, yes a wonderful masterpiece.


So he’s a software engineer right now at a pretty well known company. He’s frustrated and not adapting well to America. He’s been handed a project that if there’s a mistake would cost them billions of dollars and so he’s under stress. He’s looking to apply at Facebook so he could work in France. I just want to see him happy, even though the thought of losing another friend to overseas makes me feel sad.

We caught up last weekend. In the 2-3yrs I’ve known him, he’s stayed the same. He lays out his financial calculation on his desk so I actually know how much he have saved up and invested – six digits, of course.

He’s frugal and leaves way below his means. Complains about the prices. He does this as if he were me!

I feel awful that maybe his coworkers don’t like him in the way they screwed him over when it came to handing him over the project that they started off with but actually finished nothing.

Oh Benjamin, I hope you find happiness one day.


Yeah. I kind of miss him. But there’s just things that I guess he already have on his plate 😇

I’m working Saturday clinic today. It’s with a doctor I’ve never worked with before. I’m going back to Redmond again tonight.


Oh my… standing at 5’9” this guy with nice, strong arms and built came over to my place the other night. Ahh, quite dominant and was really into me, lol. He liked how petite I was. He’s not into penetrative stuff, all we did was kiss and he would kind of wrestle me and trap my hands behind my back and maybe pull my hair nicely. Was fun. He wanted to see me on the weekend. He said he could also drop by as my place is closer to his work than his place. He’s a year younger than I am, but we don’t care.

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