Weekend Jam 6


Weekend Jam 4

I come home full of energy, wearing my headband on and dancing and jamming to this music while my wine rests safely on my table.

Weekend Jam 3

After listening to the previous song, this then came up. I’m like whattt…. this is so cool hahaha. You definitely can’t take life too seriously when you take a break and watch these videos.  Mmm =]

Weekend Jam 1

Ah! My first pick and my favorite song this weekend. The singer’s voice is enjoyable and the song is amazing with a full array of instruments playing 🙂 Ah, yes a wonderful masterpiece.

T-Mobile Marketing Guy and a Dog Walker

Today I took back a guy in marketing for T-Mobile. His department is super stressed right now, but much better after iPhone X coming out. They develop all marketing materials, from posters to commercials etc. They have to draft all these things not know what the product looks like. When it did come out they had to change the color pallets of their design. I inferred that they must wait for the finance department to come up what deals they would be having with the product. He confirmed. He’s 29yo.

Then the other patient I took back was a 26yo dog walker. She takes back two dogs the most. She says some dogs she loathes and others she just wants to keep for herself she loves them so much. Then I asked her if she gets to know the owners she says sometimes. Then I asked if she knows where they live and such, and she does. There was one dog owner who hasn’t washed dishes for a month and her house was to toxic-like she confronted the dog owner she can’t do this if she doesn’t clean up. I was stunned. That’s crazy…


I feel unusually uneasy how quiet my phone has become in the past week. With people going back to school, traveling, etc I feel… uncomfortable. At least I get the opportunity to care for patients as a job and I can take care of them and share stories with.

Today there was a 64 year old woman who said a new CFO at REI and took down her entire department, she was a middle manager for security. She lost her job and now works as a barista at Starbucks which she acceptingly loathes. She’s kind and she has pretty hair and makeup. I told her she doesn’t look her age. I asked her if her wearing one contact lens is on purpose… it was more situational. My heart slightly sunk. I hope that her situation gets better.

While I was running a test out on the hallway for her, there was this little 5 year old boy who ran inside a room to deliver a cup of water for his grandfather, our patient. While my machine was running on my patient, I observed how proud and happy his grandfather was at that moment. He sipped a little from the Dixie cup his grandson gave him and then returned it to the boy. He encouraged for his cute grandson to drink from the cup and he did in his little wool sweater. My heart melted. Ahh 🙂

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