The Future

Hi Desmond,

I hope, in my deepest heart, that you’re well and happy. I saw that you looked at my LinkedIn today, haha. I know we haven’t spoken to each other for three years. I just want to let you know that I’m doing okay. It’s raining outside today in Seattle and reminds me so much of my home with my family. I was just driving around doing a grocery run. I went to Vegan Haven to pick up some delicious vegan food, Grocery Outlet – they have the best prices for snacks, Safeway – for my non-farmers market vegetables, Great Harvest to buy rolls of bread and some specialty chocolate store. I just finished watching Baby Driver, it’s a pretty fun movie to watch, it’s thrilling.

The future looks bright. I look forward to it. It looks so bright I need to wear like ten sunglasses; it’s so bright. I don’t know what it is, but I can see it and I read it. You see, I’ve been playing with some Tarot Cards. Yeah, I know, don’t judge me. Call me a witch and I’ll fly over there and show up in that new bank that you work at, haha. =)

I do imagine, sometimes, that in my wildest dreams, I show up sitting in the reception area of your bank just waiting for you to finish your shift and that we go out to a cafe nearby and chat.

I want to know if your parents are still together. I want to know how Quinn and Sam are doing. Did Quinn turn out alright? Did he finish private school? What is Sam up to? Your mother – how’s the hospital that she’s directing? How’s her scent-automated Mercedez Benz doing or was it replaced by something else? How’s your speedy and youthful grandparents? Haha. I hope your dad is managing his arthritis okay. And you… did you get married? How’s that straight city guy friend that you have? Did you finally move to the city? And by the way, what keeps bringing you and your fam to San Francisco? Lol!

Anyway, it’s been like a one-sided mirror with you. I guess that’s what keeps this interesting nowadays. I can’t imagine how you are able to do that – to just listen to me. Unless, of course, you trash all my emails and letters. That would be so easy. Listen. I’m writing this kind of like a treat for you, a treat for you to read at night before you go to bed. I guess this is my way of saying, congratulations on your new job!



Hope you notice my writing’s better. I never was good at it. Haha. And by the way, this entire blog is anonymous – I try not to leave any traces of my identity on it, bahahahaha.


Too Contemplative

How do you date someone who you think is way too good for you but they are so into you and enjoy your company? I can’t stop thinking about his clever ex- girlfriend and that he’s come to choose someone like me. He showed me on his phone, on our last dinner date, of a commercial his ex was in. I’ve seen the commercial before. It’s crazy to think that I have seen his ex before I met him. Apparently, his ex, who was demonstrating a product, is an actual designer and not an actress on top of that – omg. Well, confidence booster right there. What have I got in my arsenal to compete with that?

I took it upon myself to do yoga the next day out in the heart of downtown Seattle to meditate and contemplate everything about us. In the process​ I realized how glad I am that he’s opened up more to me last night and that I have gotten to know more about him than I realized. He’s charming, kind, respectful, and sweet. He likes me for being just me. He’s looking for someone with moral ground and someone who is close to their own family.

Waiting for Des

circa 10.06.13

Today, I’ve been waiting for an email from Desmond. So far, nothing has come in. I’ve also been waiting for him to come on Skype…he hasn’t logged in.

I miss this guy. But he does have his own priorities, as do I.

I should get started on my work.

Alright, I’m going…

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