Bisexual Nathan’s Return

Nathan is a bisexual guy who I've had history with and have been trying to understand. He's been over at my old place about two years ago and have had really good sex. We've also spent a night at a Marriott hotel on the 22nd floor in downtown during one our dates. I remember that … Continue reading Bisexual Nathan’s Return


10 Tips on How to be Good Looking

Well this here's the gist: Workout consistently on a weekly basis, considerably well. Know what you are doing - know your warm ups, curriculum, and cool downs. Research regimes, join a workout studio, and or find an affordable personal trainer. Eat at a timely manner and keep a routine of it. 8am, 12pm, and 5/6pm for … Continue reading 10 Tips on How to be Good Looking

Starbucks Clerk

Circa 10/01/2013 I asked if the "Gingerbread Latte" was good, the guy behind the cash register sold it to me so well I ordered the largest size. It turned out to be absolutely disgusting. Never asking for Starbucks cash registers' opinions again! PS Before guy left, he asked me if I liked it. I lied…