So he’s a software engineer right now at a pretty well known company. He’s frustrated and not adapting well to America. He’s been handed a project that if there’s a mistake would cost them billions of dollars and so he’s under stress. He’s looking to apply at Facebook so he could work in France. I just want to see him happy, even though the thought of losing another friend to overseas makes me feel sad.

We caught up last weekend. In the 2-3yrs I’ve known him, he’s stayed the same. He lays out his financial calculation on his desk so I actually know how much he have saved up and invested – six digits, of course.

He’s frugal and leaves way below his means. Complains about the prices. He does this as if he were me!

I feel awful that maybe his coworkers don’t like him in the way they screwed him over when it came to handing him over the project that they started off with but actually finished nothing.

Oh Benjamin, I hope you find happiness one day.



Yeah. I kind of miss him. But there’s just things that I guess he already have on his plate 😇

I’m working Saturday clinic today. It’s with a doctor I’ve never worked with before. I’m going back to Redmond again tonight.


Oh my… standing at 5’9” this guy with nice, strong arms and built came over to my place the other night. Ahh, quite dominant and was really into me, lol. He liked how petite I was. He’s not into penetrative stuff, all we did was kiss and he would kind of wrestle me and trap my hands behind my back and maybe pull my hair nicely. Was fun. He wanted to see me on the weekend. He said he could also drop by as my place is closer to his work than his place. He’s a year younger than I am, but we don’t care.

Being vegan and gluten-free

It sucks. But you can totally see the big masses of bigger Americans harvesting bagels that came in that one of our doctors bought for the clinic. Muffins and other carb loaded and glycemic intensive food were ready to eat. Wish I could eat it, but I can’t. Also, when other doctors bring pizza for everyone to eat, I also cannot eat it. Ugh. It really is a bummer.

I lost one pound in the past week. I’m currently 113lbs. I purchased decaffeinated green tea yesterday. I haven’t been on coffee for a while.

My energy level, I believe, is pretty stable. I never feel lethargic after eating. Today I cooked stir fry with no soy teriyaki sauce and lemon juice. My side dish is quinoa. I’ve packed nuts and hemps for snacks. I’m sticking to that. ❤


So he’s still venting and likes to vent on me. He’s still crazy about me and likes to share every minute of his life. I’m suffocating. I’m going to give this a few weeks, I’m really understanding and appreciative of life… I think. But this is something that needs to be monitored between him and I. Otherwise, things have been fine.

Millennial morning

What a great morning I’ve been having today. I managed to complete an implementation on my official website. I read a few pages off a book as I finished a book yesterday. I cooked breakfast and prepped my lunch for this afternoon. I walk out of my building and four cute guys hit me up. Mmm ^^ and I get a piece of overtime today. I can’t ask for more. Oh wait, I just missed the bus. F@#%


Oh my GOSH! My crush texted me this morning. I wonder what he could want. Omg I’m not ready to see him yet!

Ah hahaha.

94 year old woman and her life/Cosmetics

She was a 94 year old lady who had it all together. She told me about her life as I was interested on how healthy she looked for her age.

I asked her what she did for a living before she retired. She was in cosmetics, started at Fredericks and other companies that eventually turned into Esté Lauder. She married her first husband after 2.5yrs after she caught him cheating, she had a daughter then. She then married a guy whom she met during the Second World War then turned widowed at 45years of age. She then met her childhood sweetheart and are married for 42years. He developed dementia starting three years ago from today. She had two daughters and one son. She was accompanied by her daughter in law. Her family is having a party tonight on her behalf.

She told me she attended her 75th high school reunion party. She was the only one there. There were still two who were still alive but they couldn’t make it.

Doing Things

Dear diary,

Today, I didn’t finish reading a book over the weekend because I didn’t passionately enjoy myself doing it. Will try to do so at my earliest convenience.



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