About Him

I can’t stop thinking about him. Whatever I do, may it be washing dishes, I think about Emron and what we did and what he was like. I like him a lot. I’m getting to know him more. I’m spending more of my time with him what he has to say and the things we have in common and things we don’t have in common. I can’t help but smile all the time when I’m around him, my face starts to hurt. He wanted to have lunch with me during one of our work days when I had to work clinic around his area. That was so sweet of him to do. I’m learning about his values, morals, and things he likes and dislikes to do. He’s quite charming and was nice to one of the waitresses who I could tell was started to get swooned by him as he took the time to have conversation with her. He means well and I can’t wait to give him more sweet kisses the next time we meet.

Casually Romantic

I met Emron yesterday in person after chatting the morning of, we played tennis around 10:40AM. We chatted and got to know each other more while playing tennis. After rallying and playing a game afterwards, we followed where music came from in the park. We discovered there was a rock band of high school teens performing and they were extremely good and impressive. There was this girl with great showmanship and a little boy with a dramatic fro and sun glasses playing the guitar, they played so professionally hahaha. Of course, we enjoyed the music, the sun, and ourselves. We then drove to Fremont to eat at this local vegan venue in his Delorean with the doors rising up to open. During the drive, so many people give his car attention, giving him a thumbs up, asking him questions, and even having a picture taken with her in the driver’s seat! So we had two vegan pizzas and a cookie. It was satisfying. We make our way back to Emron’s car and I see a familiar looking couple about to cross the street. I exlaimed, “Is that Dr. Shen?” She turns around and it is her!!! Oh my gosh!!! It was such a nice surprise. We hugged and her husband and introduced them to Emron. Hahaha She is so kewl hahahaha, cannot get over it! And so we make our way back to his car and go to Gas Works then Golden Gardens then Green Lake Park and a Pho restaurant.

Day I Started Going All Organic and Vegan

Dear Diary,

So after a week after deciding to go vegan, I’ve finally gone through the rest of my food inventory and today is the first day I went all vegetables – especially non meat products.


Let’s see how I’ll start to feel. I also used up my tamanu and other essential oils like tea tree and rose mary to replenish my skin with whatever health benefits.


I might need to change my laundry detergent. It’s been 4 weeks since I’ve had this redness on my elbow, hmm.


Here are brands and companies to AVOID, taken from the film ‘What the Health?’Apparently, government programs are sponsored by the same companies that causes health issues – probably why the country is unforgivably obese than most other nations in the world… instead of being sophisticatedly healthy, like the French; oh idk.


Anyway, that’s all for now.



Bisexual Nathan’s Return

Nathan is a bisexual guy who I’ve had history with and have been trying to understand. He’s been over at my old place about two years ago and have had really good sex. We’ve also spent a night at a Marriott hotel on the 22nd floor in downtown during one our dates. I remember that evening, we went out for dinner and a nightclub. Before we went back to our hotel, there was this guy he wanted to say bye to but couldn’t find him (thank goodness). Somehow, along the way, we managed to grab coconut oil and used it for that evening, if you know what I mean.

Anyways, this guy seems emotionally unavailable and does things on his own. He doesn’t talk much, we just do stuff. It’s difficult to establish a meaningful friendship with this guy. The type of friendship we have is the kind where we hangout annually to catch up, do stuff and then it’s over; kind of like a doctor’s appointment.

So this time he decided that we have some brunch and go to a co-ed bathhouse. Oh how I love to spend money… *eye roll*

In the span of our time together, he tells me that he impregnated a woman last year who had a miscarriage around December, a woman who was pregnant for 6 months. A few months later he then went on this trip to some Asian country that was celebrating New Year’s and had plenty of gay stories to tell. In one of his stories, it got really hot in the nightclub so he removed his shirt and continued dancing, the nightclub suddenly goes pitch dark and turned on its “black lights” and his neon green underwear that peaked from his pants were the only thing that was lit up in the room. To everyone’s amusement, they started running their hands all over his body; everywhere. Then a hand grabbed his right shoulder to turn him around and ask him where he’s from. It was an old white guy who owns the nightclub, who tried to offer him a job for $300 a night. The man said people in the nightclub typically just bar hop and leave, but that night they are staying and buying drinks again and again because of Nathan’s presence. According to Nathan, the DJ noticed that this was going on and phoned the owner of the club to get there and see what was happening.

Somewhere in Nathan’s timeline, he went to Iceland and was out in the streets headed back to his hotel. A recruiter came up to him and asked if he wanted to join this nightclub that was having an event where he would get on stage and dance naked in front of an audience in some sort of “competition” with 11 other guys. Of course he said yes. There he was, backstage, being offered endless drinks and wasn’t allowed to get out. Nathan said it was quite an experience and that he had fun. He noted that the guy that “won” was always in the restroom jacking off so he could be hard and appear big on stage. He even caught two guys giving each other a blow job in the middle of the bathroom, not even hiding in one of the stalls. These were guys that were recruited that same night.

All in all, Nathan goes to these far-away vacation trips by himself and have fun. He’s pretty much a lone wolf. I will never understand what future he’s got planned for himself, but it seems like he’s got a good, functioning circuit going on and I’m just going to leave it at that. Sometimes, people just find it more comfortable to go through life alone and manages to find an audience that listens to them every once in awhile.

OK, He’s Working for Google Now

Oh my gosh! I am having a major meltdown. No, just kidding. I’m just so elated that my friend Justin was extended a job offer at Google after doing an entire career change from chemical engineering to software engineer. Ugh. So apparently, those $17,000 bootcamps for three months actually do work. After two months of job hunting, three months of intense training, and other sacrifices he’s finally landed a job offer. AHHH. I’m so happy for him… ok I’m going to the gym. :3

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