Vet and a Biochemist

I had a 30 year old patient who was a vet, apparently we use the same eye drops – properacaine for dropping and the familiar use of tonopen, except it’s being done on her. She’s a general practitioner for pets, told me that she refers them out for cataract surgeries and glaucoma etc. So after I walk out of the room and take back the next patient, this 28 year old girl who is a biochemist in UW (who in most cases says she’s a scientist for simplification) and she studies the brain and basically tries to solve the mystery of diabetes. She harvests lab mice and uses them for the sake of science. But she says it is not in vain, it saves many people’s lives. I told her how hilarious it was that she’s telling me this when a patiet I previously took back was a vet. She was super cool, she’ from the east coast. She shares the same things I observed with the pacific northwest. Anyways, super awesome ladies… back to back.


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