Str8 FWB – First Encounters with Nathan

Dear Diary,

Ok, so I finally have a straight up, masculine guy who is 27 years old who really is bisexual. He’s lean, blond, smooth and I enjoy sucking his cock and receiving anal sex from him, bareback. I’ve gone out a few times with him and doing things that I haven’t done in a while or things I haven’t done before. He’s open to doing plenty of things, which is great. He may be playful and willing to do things with me, he isn’t truly affectionate (well only at rare times when he’s open to emotional sensitivity) and I would say, tries to stir drama within me when there is none or could ever be. He’s attempted to make me jealous several times, I suppose. He does say that he wants to have babies and so will end up having wife one day, whom he says will never know about his sexual escapades with men, as they would never be okay with that.

So I guess this is pretty much it. This is what it’s like to have a “Str8” FWB. After this, I pretty much just need to restructure my desire and what I want with the relationships that I have with people, in general, and in my personal/love life and to embody it.

If I don’t ever hear from him again, it wouldn’t really matter to me.


Circa 10/12/2015


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