January 2017 – The ‘Hook-Ups’

Dear Diary,

It’s been about a week since my chain of deliciousness began. I didn’t think I’d write a journal about it but here we are. Before I begin, so much has happened in the past 1 week that I can’t believe that it has only been one week! It feels as though a month has past by with the amount of things going on. From the time I leave work there’s something to go to and people to hangout with.

Ok so here we go. Last Monday I was having home-cookeed dinner with my friend Brian. We spoke about random things, took pictures for my Linkedin profile, and he handed me multivitamins and probiotics to take home (he’s in retail). While we were talking about cute guys, there was this conventionally good looking guy that messaged me on Grindr. We get into a little chat. I knew that after I leave Brian’s house I was just going home as I was pretty exhausted. Brian somewhat urges me to go see this guy, and I was pushing for no, I just wanting to go home afterwards. But as it went on I did cave in last minute when I left and decided to go to this guy’s place when I started heading back home.

When I met him, he was gorgeous. So handsome, fit, beautiful, and 24 years old. He had the most beautiful blond pubic hair I’ve seen and had a big, girthy penis as well. We had an intense encounter when we got on the bed. He started rubbing the tip of his cock around my hole. With not much left to do, I sat on it and it felt good. After sex, we had conversation in bed – naked. His pictures of him and his friends were on the wall. He was very kind. He did not want me walking back home in the cold and so he took it upon himself to take me home. There I was, in the passenger seat of a black Mercedez, with my hole feeling like it was leaking. Wish he was the one, but apparently I was the only one who was infatuated.

The next day I was hoping to get a reply from him before I got home from work. I started texting my friend Brian and told him everything. I started to get mildly crazy about this guy. I told Brian that if I do not get a response from this guy I am definitely going out on a date in the evening with another guy that I’ve been chatting with. Brian said to date the new guy anyway even if my crush replies. I texted him one more time, no reply was returned. I felt so heartbroken. I was lucky enough to have a distraction that evening. I had a date with a guy who had lean, tight, muscles. He turned out to be a spectacular lover in bed. It felt so good. He stayed at my place for the night. We had a great conversation as well.

The following day, Wednesday, I went to Hotcakes with Brian to catch up on things. Then there was this boy who messaged me, 19 years old, and invited me to his place. Smooth body and great D pic. He’s also Caucasian, so I had to abruptly leave Brian when the store was about to close in 5 minutes to get some action, the guy wanted me to come before 30 minutes as then his partner would be home by then.

Mr. hot Brazilian (a regular) wanted to drop his pants and get sucked that weekend. Something came up that he couldn’t come, the usual things when str8 guys. But it’s always been like that and he has always returns and makes up for it.



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