Life’s Lesson

Dear Diary,


Being the only person that manages my own schedule – life has truly tested my limits. There are so much things to do, so many people to meet, and many bills to pay with such little time. I tried living the last several weeks not caring what the next week would hold, but it didn’t work into my favor. I’ve let things astray. I’ve let money slip through my fingers including careless investments, bar hopping, and other events. Sure, I learned a few things here and there, perhaps I should seriously think about what tomorrow holds.


There’s just been so many boys to meet and people to hangout with. I’ve never dealt with balancing that with work. And so, I have to learn how to balance work with leisure.


This next week, I’ll try to make a weekly schedule for learning new skills, dating, working, stable-job search, working out, friends, and family. Then I’ll have my monthly schedule for finances, goals assessment, and other weird stuff that no one is really into.


I feel slightly better having written out some of these things.


Yours Truly,


Circa 01/03/2015


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