Circa 12/20/2014


One Friday night, I went bar hopping with Darren who brought Chris – a guy he was dating at the time. They’re both in their 30’s. We chatted a bit and decided to scout the room for a potential mate for me. I jokingly pointed to a guy and, to my surprise, Chris got up and approached him to tell him how I liked him! I was so embarrassed. Darren and I were bursting with laughter. Anyway, the guy said that he was taken. We chatted some more then got around to several bars and had a good time.


There was one bar that I liked, purely because of the crowd. A few harmless smiles were thrown around the room when we arrived. I felt welcomed. While we were ordering drinks, there was an incredibly tall man inching closer behind me by the minute, looking down on me like he was going to eat me. The distance between him and I was suffocatingly close. Darren finally got our drinks and we booked it out of there.


I had so much fun, I nearly kidnapped a teddy bear from that place.


When we were at our last bar together, I met this 21-year-old guy. He was with a group of university students whom I chimed in with. Darren and Chris told him to get my phone number, as they know that I wouldn’t give it out. Darren and Chris went home and left me alone to be with him. After a being with this boy for a while, I felt like I was caring for a child. Haha. I was over it.


It finally came time for their group to return home to Redmond. Their car was parked opposite ways from me. When I took out my keys from my pocket, I thought the night was over. I briefly had to remind myself that I didn’t have a curfew and nobody is waiting for me at home! So I easily waltzed myself into a gay nightclub and danced. There was this super cute, young and shitfaced white boy who sometimes felt it necessary to dance with a girl, but totally enjoyed a gay guy’s company. He reminds me of a closeted Christian boy who sang Christian music back in my hometown, ahem, Spencer, ahem.


I then met Zach, who is 25yo, Irish and German, and 5’9″. He impressively had many friends with him in the nightclub. We danced a little bit and he was hitting on me hard – he seemed keen and had a lot of interests. He invited me to his X-mas that was happening the following night, I accepted it. He then swore that he never asked this often to other people… he asked me out to dinner and to take me out on dates. He asked for my phone number.


I saw him again at the night of the X-mas party. It was in this condo that he and his ex-bf bought for $315,000. He introduced me to a lot of his friends, I liked that a lot. I talked to several people and networked. Frankly, one of the guys there recognized me and asked if I was one of the “master trainers” at his gym (and I was). This guy was super cute. He is a software engineer at Amazon who was clearly fit and was very easy to chat with. Had he not have a partner, I would have loved to go out and get to know him better.


There were about 30-50 people in the party, and soon we started leaving Zach’s condo and trickling into a gay club, where, by the end of the night, a good amount of the guys remove their shirts and continued to dance.


We drove to our destination, it was not far, I went with Dee and Calvin who insisted I go with. My cover charge and drink was paid for. I had so much freakin’ fun dancing, flirting, and being looked out for by people from the party. It felt like it was my birthday. There were easily eight guys who were hitting on me. Zach told me he was getting a little bit jealous while I was talking to one of them. I sat on a stool, completely buzzed, and this other guy came up to me, lifted my legs, and started doing missionary style to me to the beat of the music. I told him to stop, he kept going, and I innocently laughed it off then got myself out of that situation.


The same cute guy from the party who works at Amazon saw me by the stairs alone and walked up to me. He asked me if I was thirsty. I said yes, so we walked over to get a drink. He was sweet, though I still didn’t know his name. The three of us danced together at one point. It felt a little weird, I played it cool when I was around his boyfriend. I wish I kept contact!


It was such a fun night.


Zach and a few of his friends was ready to hit another club that evening. There were cute guys that Zach was chatting with when we got inside. Zach knows so many people! This is probably why he is becoming real estate agent come February.


It wasn’t too long when Zach asked if I’d like to go over to one of his friend’s house next, of course I said yes. I got to see another side of life of the gays. I thought Zach’s condo was very nice, but this house is amaaaazing. Hot friends dancing in the kitchen, there was a bit of snacks around – I was tired and sat in the living room by myself, I was tired.


It was a great evening. I experienced something new in life and genuinely exciting. I had a good time, something I haven’t had in a very long time.


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