10 Tips on How to be Good Looking

Well this here’s the gist:

      1. Workout consistently on a weekly basis, considerably well. Know what you are doing – know your warm ups, curriculum, and cool downs. Research regimes, join a workout studio, and or find an affordable personal trainer.
      2. Eat at a timely manner and keep a routine of it. 8am, 12pm, and 5/6pm for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Be picky with what you consume, because what you put in is limited and count towards you being full. Take time eating, until you feel your stomach is at least 3/4 full; then you stop and carry on with daily activities. Further than that, you’re just being a glutton. There’s always food to eat tomorrow – especially for the majority of America or any 1st world countries. Prepare enough food for you not to put to waste. You don’t have to finish everything on your plate when you are full. You will gradually learn how much to cook so you do not throw away left overs.
      3. Genetically modified foods are hard to metabolize than organic foods. The harder something is metabolized into energy, the easier they are to be stored as fat (and harder to convert back into energy to “burn” vs. glucose/simple sugar). Things that are turned into fat include excess/unused vitamins, proteins (like creatine/granola bars), and any form of energy that are used or not used for biosynthesis.
      4. Learn how to dress like a civilized, educated human being.
      5. Be sophisticated by not being ignorant about other countries. Start learning where United States is on the map, the countries around it, and take interest about the world around you – especially things that immediately affects you and the next generation of people that would come or were born after you depending how local you want to be concerned.
      6. Build confidence and competency.
      7. Practice modulating your voice and the sound of your voice.
      8. Hygiene, fresh breath & fresh body scent.
      9. Smooth skin. Appropriate hygiene & proper organic meals rid of potential break outs & lead to keeping acne at bay – or nonexistent. If you break out in acne anywhere else on your body, wear clothes at night to bed – and consider washing your bed sheets often. Be aware of your habits such as touching your face often and what you stress about.
      10. Maintain these steps and use them as a foundation to be good looking, and you will be set.

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