Science Class

circa 10.28.13

Yesterday, a girl ran up to me while I was heading to the library. Our upcoming excel practicum came into the conversation and I’m just over the fact that some people are overconfident and dependent on their savvy that they don’t bother to practice or even look at the material. They end up, of course, slightly selling the idea (to me) to reassure themselves that they’ve made a right decision not to review. I thought, yes it’s just an excel practicum, yet even though I can code in different programming languages, survive biochemistry, and do other complicated shit, I still want to make sure that I’m efficient at something I will be graded at. What am I in school for if I was just going to pick and choose things I am efficient on and then put my feet up and relax? What am I going to do with my time not studying, become a martyr and stop a bank robbery?

This reminds me of a time, a week before, when I was learning origin, insertion, and action of muscles for a quiz we had in A&P lab. A sophomore asked how ready I am for it, well, I was still learning it and my answer then was a subjective 90%. When I did go back to studying for the next 4 hours, I wasn’t close to that number at all until the very end. I did get a 100% on the quiz though. Long story short, I told him no, 90% is never enough. There tends to be a theme among the majority of people on campus to relax and just be average. I wonder what important things they do with their lives moments before a quiz or exam, check their Facebook?


These people are wonderful people. It’s just that there are subtle things worth reexamining, especially things that are left overlooked and happens often .


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