Last Year in College/Things to Work On

circa 09.20.2013

This is it. This my last year in college. This is the time when I am going to attain my bachelor’s degree to show people that I can learn things well. I think I do need a little bit of analysis and revisiting of what my goals and intentions are this year, because it seems like my direction has gone up in the air after I have gained a few new skills over the summer.

My situation is that I am Kinesiology major with a potential to go further in education to be a physician assistant. However, that is not the route that I plan to take this time. I want to do something revolutionary and something that has not yet been done and something that I can most definitely succeed in by combining skills I have attained throughout the years.

I have to admit that there a few things that I have to fix “within” myself. Such as the introvertedness, the not caring of what others think, and the unfriendliness that I have developed over the last few years. I just want to forget for a while that most friends I’ll find on campus are useless and that I might just to want have fun…while getting things done.

The reason why I would like to change all that is that because I want to be very good at what I do. I want to :

 look very good, young, lean, and exceptionally fit

  • In doing so, I will be able to access things that people who are good looking are able to attain that regular people usually don’t
  • Psychological and hormone balance
  • I will be more marketable in all aspects: socially, business, job opportunities, etc.
  • //However, this will not just “happen” I would need to be strict on myself by developing some structure and routine within myself so that I can achieve this goal. This is part of the steps that I will need to take
    • I will need to research food, and how the body works more extensively
    • The anatomy, the workouts, the nutrients and everything else in between

Exceptional in all my fields of study

So as I have said before and reiterated many times. I just need to renew myself and become better at socializing with people my age so that I don’t feel left out (nothing to really miss out in my opinion the parties around here are all the same) and that I could…enjoy my last year being in college. Do I have any regrets? I’m not sure. But I do know that I really need to work on myself in being welcoming and optimistic, all the while being level headed and being the best that I could be.

Now, let’s face this situation that I have. That I have all the skills that I have but I don’t know where I am going to be when I finish college. These two things I have developed over the summer are very two diverse things. I think what I need to figure out is where I want to work and whom I will work for after I graduate.

Right now I am not in the position to call it shots because I haven’t yet become a certified personal trainer. However, I do need to keep in mind that I also need to become an app developer and web developer as well. I need to build this baby, and then perhaps create something that would combine both fields and help the world enjoy the benefits of becoming healthy.

As I have said one of my main goals being in the web development field is that I intend to be one of the leading innovators in user interface and information structure. On the other side, I want to be a very effective personal trainer, instill the practice in my own life, and help share that passion to others.

So I guess where I am getting here, is that I am not yet in the state of mind that I would need to be to combine these both as I am still trying to put them together and become better at it.

So for now, I conclude this journal excerpt by keeping these three main points:

  1. Work on my personality
  2. Work on being disciplined and being really fit
    1. To be marketable
    2. To feel good inside and out
    3. Instill the life that I want and be able to easily share the experience with others
  3. Build on working on my skills and work on being really proficient in both fields of study





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