Gym Class

circa 10.24.13

So today at the gym lockers after PE, someone got cheated on just recently by their girlfriend. I didn’t know exactly what to say or advice when he inquired what he should do, he wanted to do something big. These are just one of many menial things, in my opinion, 20 something college student face.

I’m quite glad that I don’t ever have to face such scenario… having never been in one. I’ve also opted out of Facebook (2 years and counting) and I just pity those who have them… because when I look at computer screens here on campus, a huge majority of them are stuck between Facebook and working on something else that would usually be academic related.

There are so many other things to worry about, maybe I am just judging from the outside, but as an observer, I’d like to think that contemplating what next year will be like and what I need to set out and do to achieve my goals are more easily feasible with less distractions in life. Admittedly, I’m already distracted enough – I want to work on learning Java/Ruby On Rails but I have to  give my main attention keeping up and nurturing my attention on my Kinesiology major and internship which are taking up a large spot on my plate. I’m quite proud to say, that this just might be the right mentality of a 4th year college senior.



——-This needs to be edited. I need to get back to work


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